Increase Phone Calls With SEO

Search engine optimization leads to more inbound leads

Increase Phone Calls With SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an incredible strategy that helps business rank at the top of the search engine results page (SERP) and increases inbound phone calls to their company. It’s a strategy that helps drive traffic and increased sales to any business, small or big. With advancing technology, it’s easy to increase phone calls with SEO.

Customers who make smartphone calls offer much more value to a business. A well-designed and mobile-friendly website can help bring in more customers. This is a practical strategy if the website is optimized to support call tracking software.

With the right phone call tracking solution in place, it’s easy for a business to gather valuable information and insights to improve its digital marketing strategies. It significantly helps drive even more (ROI) return on investment from phone calls.

Google My Business is another incredible way to help your business grow. It’s more rewarding if you can track your phone calls and drive local SEO and engagement. GMB helps businesses manage their contact list, hours of operation, and other business-related information. The company will effectively grow its online presence on Google Maps and SERP to local target audiences.

Social networks are the best SEO trend you can rely on these days and grow your business. You can quickly drive mobile phone calls to your business from common social media platforms such as Facebook. For instance, you can add your business’s phone number on your Facebook business page. Then go on and use the “Call Now” button to drive more traffic.

How Does SEO Drive Phone Calls?

There are incredible ways how SEO for phone calls works. Can it drive more mobile phone calls? Here’s how: 

1. Optimized Google My Business Listing

Through Google My Business optimization for phone calls, it’s easy to see how many times their clients called using the provided local number. It’s wise to keep the number consistent between their different listings and displayed somewhere else on your land page.

2. Optimized Website

It will display your business phone number on your landing page, but you have to use structured data to improve its visibility. Include a call-to-action in your website content or feature a click-to-call on your mobile-friendly website.

3. Call-To-Actions Throughout Your Website

Clear call-to-actions throughout your website for phone calls work miracles and effectively. You don’t need to depend on clicking on a link, as customers can visit your business’s contact page and make direct calls.

4. Social Networks

Add call-to-actions on social networks such as Facebook or Twitter and reach out to as many followers as possible.

5. Local Citations

A local citation will provide your target audience with a means to use the provided phone number to reach your business. These citations will appear on your homepage, social networks, and anywhere an interested client may be looking for local business information. 

Why Phone Calls Matter

Businesses have incredible ROI conversion options that really work, and they are reasonable. They can call a customer, or the customer calls the company. Phone calls matter because:

Businesses Want To Be Customer-Centric

Businesses believe that phone calls are imperative to maximize customer relationships. They put customers first and ensure they provide them with the best experience.

If you are customer-centric, you will build a digital-native culture that will last for many years and help your business grow stress-free. And With a user-friendly website that offers the best phone call options, you easily facilitate direct customer interactions.

Customers Who Call Are Given First Priority

Phone calls increase ROI and traffic, and a customer who calls will be given priority. The customer who calls is the most valuable asset of the business and will bring more business. More calls will be coming from their referrals and other strategies you use to increase traffic to your website.

Customers Who Call Have Higher Intent To Take Action

Customers prefer to call because they have something in mind or they are looking for. These are people who have a higher intent to take actions once they find what they need and will place orders if satisfied. Because the customer is always right, you have the mandate to offer an easy option to make a phone call. They will click-to-call or respond to call extension on a mobile-friendly webpage and take the right call-to-action.

Get Immediate Response

Phone calls don’t present any form of communication gaps like e-mails or lead forms responses that you have to wait for days or weeks to get. No phone call goes answered if you use the provided channels, and this will guarantee more conversions.

Ad Network Option

Commonly used ad networks today are Google ads and social network ads. They come with customer-friendly click-to-call options that make it easy to follow interesting ads. Most customers opt for call buttons to seek immediate help than when using ad clicks.

Improve Your Ads

Through SEO strategies like call extensions, you not only drive traffic but also provide a phone number alongside an online ad. This is an excellent way to attract customers to make more calls.

Adds A Human Touch

Online communications channels like e-mail or instant messages or chats lack a personal touch or closeness. Phone calls create bonds and help build rapport with customers and make them feel part of your business.

5 Ways To Optimize For More Phone Calls

  1. On-site optimization and ensure your website ranks higher on SERP.
  2. Listing your phone number increases its visibility online.
  3. Display your business’s phone number on the home page or landing page.
  4. Optimize your mobile ads and ensure the phrases are simple and relevant to make them stand out.
  5. Test regularly and optimize placement and display of your company’s phone number. You will figure out more about your phone number’s visibility, location on the landing page, fonts, and other online display aspects.


SEO for phone calls is an imperative digital marketing strategy every business should deploy. If you successfully optimize your website for more phone calls, you will appeal to more clients and increase conversions. You also have to list your phone number in the right manner and increase its visibility online. Don’t forget that phone calls matter for local SEO as they translate to more sales and improve your brand awareness.

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    Let's start with a free website SEO audit.

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