Citation Building & Management For Local SEO

Local citation building to increase visibility

Local Citation Building & Management

What is Citation Building?

Citation building is nothing but building online references to a business that highlights the name, address, and phone number or simply NAP of that business.

Basically, when we discuss the citations for an SEO, we are talking about various businesses on various websites.

Most citations take the form of an online directory for numerous businesses. However, there are many other different types of citations as well.

Although most citations require minimum details such as the names, addresses, and phone numbers, some websites allow you to add additional information. 

Why Are Citations Important For A Small Business?

Citations play a major role in ranking a page in the local search results. Having your business listed in directories tells Google that your business is legit and is trusted by the users.

The accuracy, quality, and the number of your listings and online directories’ reputation can impact the way Google perceives your business.

For this reason, it is crucial to build and manage citations across all the platforms. Apart from being a major factor in ranking, there are several other benefits of citations as well. 

The Benefits of Citation Building For Local SEO

1. Appear on The Page One Results

One of the major advantages of citation building and management is that it helps you dominate page one of search results. If you have noticed, sites such as Yellow Pages and Yelp consistently dominate page one of most local search results. This is due to the same reason!

2. Earn Valuable Referral Traffic

Most online users religiously follow different citations for different purposes. For example, many people trust Yelp for restaurants and TripAdvisor for hotels. Before sifting through the Google results, most people check these kinds of trusted online directories.

Having your small business listed in several online directories helps you earn a significant amount of referral traffic.

3. Earn Trust of Potential Customers

Not just for Google! Citations also send signals to your potential customers or users that your business is legit and is well-known. All of this helps you in increasing the authenticity and visibility of your business. 

What Are The Most Impactful Citations?

There are plenty of citation opportunities online. However, some are more valuable than others. For local SEO, the following citations are recommended and considered to be the “must-haves.”

There are tens of hundreds of websites where you can list your business, but not all of them may suit your business type. For this reason, citations are divided into many categories. Different business niches can fall into a relevant citation category. Some categories include healthcare, beauty, fitness, attorneys, hotels, restaurants, real estate, and more.

How to Get Started With Local Citation Building

With numerous citations out there, it is not practically possible to list your business in all of them. Even if you try to do this, it will take a huge chunk of your money and time. Narrowing down the list is important for your small business.

While it is true that the quantity of valuable citations is vital, you should not stress out much because it is nearly impossible to list your business in all the directories. But do not worry, here is good news!

When selecting the best citations to list your business in, the good idea is to start with the online directories that are popular and relevant to your business niche.

There are many online lists of top citations concerning the business category, for example:

Once finding your relevant online business directories, you will need a list of general citations. Keep in mind that the best business directories are the ones that are most trusted and used by the
potential customers.

Here is how you can get started with local citation building:

1. Data Aggregators

Data aggregators are data mining systems that broaden your business’s information online. They collect and spread useful business data from different sources, including the biggest search engine, Google.

Simply put, data aggregators will gather your business information and then submit it to various other sites. Here are some popular data aggregators:

2. Local Online Directories

According to a consumer study, local searchers take their action after exploring the local directories. The rate of them using the business on the same day of the search is higher than the consumers who do not rely on online search.

This is why it is important to get your business listed in as many local directories as possible.

Most local directories list the businesses based on information they have gathered from data aggregators. There is a fair chance that your business is already listed in your local directory. Check them and make sure that the information they have used is accurate. Further, if you are
not there in any listing; you can submit your details easily.

3Review Sites

Review sites are one of the major sources of information for citations. So, a good practice would be to check the relevant review sites for information about your business or company and make
sure that the information is accurate.

Customer reviews are among the most important factors that search engines, including Google, consider when determining your website’s authority.

Some great review sites are:

Don't Forget Social Media

Having a social media account for your business or company on platforms like LinkedInFacebook, Instagram, and Twitter will offer a great opportunity for citation building. Not just that, it also boosts your customer engagement.

Therefore, set up a couple of accounts of the social media platforms we have mentioned above. Not to forget, make sure that the NAP you provide on these platforms is consistent.


Citations play a major role in ranking your business on the search result pages. They hint search engines about your business’s authenticity and help you gain valuable traffic, and have a positive impact on potential customers. 

Let's start with a free website SEO audit.

    Let's start with a free website SEO audit.

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