Local Keyword Research and Its Impact on Local SEO in 2021

Keyword research for exponential growth of your small business

What Is Local Keyword Research?

Local keyword research is the process of determining what keywords have the most search volume within your industry in your service area. This process provides your company insight into how people search and how you can best drive traffic to your website. 

According to Search Engine Watch, clients are now interacting more than ever with local brands through local searches. Moreover, more than 45% of clients conduct Google searches with local intent. With local search growing exponentially, it is wise to have high local keyword rankings in
your area. We are going to look at your complete guide to local keyword research today. 

Why Is Local Keyword Research Important?

Local keyword research refers to the process of identifying popular search terms the locals use when searching for a brand or service on search engines, including Google and Bing. Your business will gain more visibility when you add local keywords strategically in your content. Search engines will rank your content high on the search engine results page (SERP) when you optimize local keywords.

Although several individuals focus on regular keyword research, taking advantage of local keyword research comes with its full share of benefits for your website, your Google my business listing, and blog writing. For instance, your online sites will rank first on search engines when you opt for a phrase like “emergency HVAC near me.”

The secret to local search equine optimization is to identify your audience. Figure out what your audience searches for and how you can become part of their solutions. When done right, local keyword research has so much to offer. Discover why local keyword research is so important. 

The Benefits of Local Keyword Research to Your Website, Google My Business, and Blog Writing

While some businesses focus on broader keywords, local keywords provide far better results. Local keywords are often easier to compete for and have lower bounce rates. Let us look at the benefits of local keyword research below. 

1. Warm and Ready-to-Convert Leads

It is no secret that search intent is different when someone searches for shoes on Google to Shoes near me. The search intent for the first search could be geared towards learning more about shoes. On the other hand, an individual who searches for shoes near me is interested in purchasing quality shoes.

2. Lower Bounce Rate

The bounce rate indicates the number of visitors who enter your site and leave without viewing other pages. This is because clients search for what they need, and if they do not find it on the first page they visit, they leave your site. Implementing keyword research helps ensure the end consumer finds what they are looking for on your website. 

3. Improved Brand Reputation

Local keyword research is the way to go if you want to improve your brand reputation. Local clients will trust your online site if it ranks first for local searches. With the improved brand, reputation comes more sales.

4. Increased Visibility on Google Maps

Increased Google maps visibility can help your business stand out online. Clients are likely to trust your business when you increase your visibility on Google maps. It also allows you to create a deeper connection with your audience.

5. Find New Ways to Attract Target Customers

Local keyword research will help you attract your ideal customer. Identifying their needs and preferences will allow you to discover more ways of getting even more ideal customers.

What Makes A Great Keyword?

Understanding the anatomy of a local keyword will help you get the most out of it. Here are the elements of a great keyword.

  • Core term
  • Modifier
  • Location
  • Search intent

Let us look at the importance of each element and its benefits to local SEO below:

Core Term

The core term refers to your service or product. For example, your core term will be plumbing if you promote your local plumbing company. Use terms like pizza, pizza guy, and pizza delivery if you are promoting your pizza. You can expand your list by looking at what your competitors are doing.


The role of the modifier is to make your core terms more specific. They are also known as thematic modifiers and can be shopping words, adverbs, or adjectives. Use geo-specific modifiers for the best results. For instance, the best plumbers near me or find the best plumber. Focus on less competitive modifiers for easier and faster ranking. It is also advisable to figure out new ways clients can find your business. You can use various tools, including Moz, Ahrefs, SEMrush, UberSuggest, and Serpstat to pick the best modifier.

It is advisable to compare all these tools before picking one. The best way of doing it is by registering for free trials. The free trial will allow you to understand how each tool works and its type of keyword difficulty. You can use organic and less competitive keywords when you identify the keyword difficulties of the keywords you are about to use. 


The location is the town, city, county, community, or state your business serves. For example, find the best plumber in Charleston, or get quality plumbing solutions in Charleston.

Search Intent

Search intent refers to what a searcher is looking for on search engines. Understanding your audience is crucial for search engine optimization. For example, you must determine if your clients want to learn more about your products and services or make an order. Search intent is divided into three types. Learn more about the three types of search intent below:

  1. Navigational Search Intent

These keywords focus on directing visitors to your site. Use phrases with your brand and product name.

2. Commercial Intent

Commercial intent is also known as high and transactional intent. These phrases should be geared towards motivating the visitor to order or call for services.

3. Informational Intent

Users want to find out more about their queries. Commonly used phrases include how-to, signs of, why, and more.

The best keyword research tools include:


Google AdWords



– Moz



Although some businesses view local keywords as low-volume dead ends, the reality is that local terms are vital for Local SEO. Taking a regional approach will allow you to achieve better results in your digital marketing campaigns. You need to take advantage of local keyword research to gain a competitive edge over your competitors.

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    Let's start with a free website SEO audit.

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