What Is Search Engine Optimization?

The importance of SEO to drive organic results and free traffic

What Is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is a process of enhancing your site to become more visible to search engines. Search Engine Optimization presents your website to allow each search engine to identify what it is about and deliver appropriate pages to potential customers looking for what you have to offer.

How Does SEO Work?

SEO matters the most for search engines such as Google, which most people around the world use. SEO also helps you reach people who use Bing, the second most-used search engine worldwide. It works by providing search engines with the title tags, keywords, and other information that they need to know what your website is about and compare its relevance to other sites focused on the same themes or topics. When your website is optimized in this way, it’s in a position to get a lot of unpaid or organic traffic from the two major search engines.

The search engines use many factors to decide which website will give searchers the most valuable content. These factors are known as search engine ranking factors, and they include things such as the number of tweets a post has received, the number of inbound links that a web page has, the length of the content, and the types of tags that are used with the images that are on each the website.

As you may have noticed from the list above, some of the factors, such as the number of shares a site has received on social media platforms, are external to your website. These are known as off-page ranking factors, while others, such as your site’s layout, level of responsiveness for mobile users, and the structure of your internal links, are known as on-page ranking factors.

Why Is SEO Important For Marketing Your Business?

Many people who want to access a particular product or service will go online, type in a keyword related to that product in Google or Bing and look at what comes up in the search results. This serves as a major traffic source for many businesses and builds awareness of each company’s brand. For example, if someone in Memphis, Tennessee, wants to purchase handmade leather bags, they’ll pick up their smartphone and open Google or Bing. Then, they’ll type in “handmade leather bags in Memphis.”

The list of results that comes up will include leather goods manufacturers in Memphis that the customer may not have known before, so SEO has helped to market these companies to new consumers. Those that rank in the top ten, or on the first page of Google or Bing, are likely to be those businesses that spent time and money to make sure their websites are optimized for these search engines. They’ve made it easy for the search engines to find their sites or associate their sites with that particular long-tail keyword.

The keyword “handmade leather bags in Memphis TN” is known as a long-tail keyword, and it’s also a local SEO keyword. Some of those sites in the listing may be optimized well enough to rank highly for very competitive keywords. For example, they may rank for “leather” or for “handbags.” This markets them to an even broader customer base than they could have if they only ranked specifically for “handmade leather bags in Memphis.”

This type of SEO is important for marketing your business because it:

1. Provides free advertising for other products and service on your site

2. Makes your brand more competitive in your industry and service area

3. Establishes your company as reputable and trustworthy

4. Allows your business to be found by customers

5. Give your business free traffic

6. Helps make B2B connections

7. Builds your brand

Benefits of SEO For Your Business

Most people learn about small businesses in their area online, so SEO has tremendous benefits for small businesses in this digital age. Many more people are shopping online from home and will never walk or drive anywhere close to your brick and mortar business place. Using SEO for your website ensures that you put your business in a good position to reach those customers.

Local citations are essential for SEO, especially if you are a local small business. These include your business’ name, address, and phone number online, so potential customers can quickly contact you. It’s a good idea to make use of as many citations as you can for SEO purposes. Most quickly build your online presence, and they are often affordable or even free of charge.

With a Google My Business listing, it’s easy to enter a lot of relevant information for your business, such as your address. Having this information verified on Google My Business helps your ranking overall. You can show all the facts that customers need, which helps establish your reputation as a reliable seller. For example, you can post photos of your establishment and give information on your hours of business.

The benefits of SEO for your business that you will derive from using strategies such as local citations, a good on-site linking structure, and relevant keywords include:

1. Getting your business free traffic through organic search

2. Increases long-term engagement with customers

3. Improving the user experience on your website

4. Making your business more searchable

5. Increased sales and other conversions

6. Increasing visibility of your business

7. Building credibility and trust

8. Quantifiable ROI


SEO is essential for every organization that attracts customers through an online property or does direct transactions online. The technique allows your business to be more easily found in the search results by people interested in what you sell, produce, or otherwise offer to the world. All businesses can benefit from using SEO on their digital properties, so start expanding your Web presence and growing your customer base today.

Let's start with a free website SEO audit.

    Let's start with a free website SEO audit.

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